2020 Presenters

The following is a list of speakers who have committed so far to make presentations at this year’s Mini College:

  • Jean Phillips, project director, on the Law School’s Project for Innocence, which helps free wrongly convicted prisoners
  • Prof. Brian McClendon, Engineering Department, on “How Self-Driving Cars Really Work” and his work as the founder of Google Earth
  • Dr. A. Townsend Peterson, Biodiversity Institute, on the serious decline in the U.S. bird population
  • Jim Peters, retired director of the Osher Institute, on “Presidential Assassins: Men and Women Driven to Kill”
  • Dr. David Burnham, giving a hands-on demonstration regarding dinosaur digs
  • Dr. Robert Moser, dean of the KU School of Medicine’s Salina campus, on Kansas’ shortage of rural physicians
  • An examination of one or more of the the Spencer Research Library’s special collections (speaker to be announced)
  • Kyle Camarda, associate professor of chemical and petroleum engineering, on “Chess and the Cold War”
  • Drs. Bill and Wendy Picking, School of Pharmacy — a doubleheader! First, “A Brief History of Microbiology,” followed by “How to Make a Vaccine in Five Easy Steps”
  • Dr. Molly Zahn, Religious Studies Department, on “The Dead Sea Scrolls and Why They Matter”
  • Dr. Elaina Sutley, School of Engineering, on “Learning from Disaster: An Integrated Engineering and Social Science Approach”
  • Dr. Kate Nygren, assistant director for academic programs, on the University’s Common Book. Each year, incoming students receive a copy of that year’s Common Book at orientation. The Common Book creates a shared academic experience for first-year students. (This year’s book has not yet been selected.)

We hope to add other presenters soon.  It’s too early to create the class schedule, but we’ll add that as soon as we can, too.